Local Crown Refund Policy

At Local Crown, LLC our highest priority is client satisfaction that is why we do NOT offer refunds in most situations. If you are unhappy with your services please reach out via your Slack communication channel and schedule a call with your account representative OR request a call with the CEO.

Refunds will ONLY be provided under extreme circumstances. Local Crown does however commit to making the situation right through any means necessary. If it absolutely does come down to offering a refund and that is our final option we will do so. In most instances it will be a partial refund to cover work already completed for the month.

This does not mean and should not be interpreted as a client can request a refund just because they are unhappy. We will try to solve every situation but our contracts in most cases are month to month so the contracts can simply be canceled if a client is not satisfied.

Simply put...

It hurts to offer a refund once the team has been paid and expenses deducted. Let's work together to keep everyone happy.

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