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  • Have you built a successful company to 6 figures or more?
  • Are you an expert in your industry?
  • Have you been able to replace yourself in your company so you can really be the CEO of your life and business?

Writing Your Legacy

  • Are you an author?
  • Published one of multiple books yourself?
  • Had one or more of your books published by a big publishing house?
  • Have an Amazon best seller?

Unexpected Conquerors

  • Have a crazy story of turning nothing into something?
  • Did you overcome something huge in your life and come out stronger on the other side?
  • Have you been labeled the under dog your whole life?

Royal Treatment - Service Companies That Go Above and Beyond

  • Own a service based business?
  • Prioritize service and customer satisfaction?
  • Been able to maintain that satisfaction and service through scale?

Castle Flippers

  • Are you a Real Estate Agent?
  • Are you a Real Estate Broker?
  • Have you been in business over a year - or came in the game quick and became a top producer?

Kingdom Builders

  • Have you been able to make the leap from sales person, business owner, or even worker to investor?
  • Do you invest in Real Estate, Cryptocurrencies, Businesses, Stocks, or anything else?
  • Are you able to make a full time income off of your investments?

Positive Conquests

  • Do you own a non profit or 501 c3?
  • Are you at the front of a positive mission for mental health, drug addiction, or anything related?
  • Do you know you mission deserves more eyeballs and support?

Modern Day Queens

  • Would you consider yourself a modern day queen?
  • Are you a CEO?
  • Are you a women in leadership?
  • Are you a women leading an interesting career?

Science of Scale

  • Is you company at the multiple 6-7 figures and above level?
  • Have you won an award for scaling quickly? We love talking with inc. 5000 winners etc!
  • Do you have a large team and understand the pain of hiring and firing?
  • Have you made a strategic exit from a company?

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